Food security has a new name: Rebearth

Rebearth is a certified organic bio stimulant. It is the next step in the second green revolution, using the latest non-toxic technology. Rebearth enhances healthy plant growth and soil life. It increases yield and plant vigour, without harmful side-effects. Rebearth seamlessly fits into almost every known farmer practice.

A well balanced eco-system means flourishing agriculture. Rebearth supports nature in rebalancing many of its systems, resulting in a stable basis for healthy plant growth. Rebearth activates and optimizes plant and soil, to survive climate change, like drought, heat and excessive rain and cold. It also arms the plant to fight pests on its own. In almost all cases it increases yield substantially. In many cases it saved small holder farmers from starvation. Rebearth fields thrived, where neighbours, without Rebearth, had a total loss of harvest. Rebearth is food security, coming in various package sizes.