Rebearth is a one-of-a-kind agricultural product with the potential to make a significant impact on poverty, health and climate issues. Use of our 100% natural product results in substantial yield increase, improved soil conditions and increased crop health. Empirical data shows better resistance to extreme conditions and less plant diseases. Rebearth has no harmful side-effects. 10 years of product development and extensive testing led to today’s product, which is ready to be taken to market.



Rebearth is a water-based Bio Stimulant. It’s 100% natural. Supplies the missing elements. And optimizes the use of available elements. Rebearth enhances healthy plant growth and soil life. Increases efficiency of fertilizers. And shows better results with less input. It has no harmful side-effects and is approved for organic farming in the EU.


A well balanced eco-system means flourishing agriculture. Modern agriculture practices often generate imbalanced soil conditions. Rebearth supports nature in a natural way, restoring balance in the process.It provides all needed elements for healthy growth. And it gives nature exactly what it needs to regain balance.


Increased yields Improved soil conditions Increased crop health: higher nutritious value increased resistance against diseases, drought and flooding Longer shelf life Better taste Enhances efficiency of other products

Rebearth was nominated as one of 25 out of 292 plans for the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2016.

With 700.00 prize money, this is the largest annual international competition in the field of sustainability innovation.